Marine Research to Drive Conservation and Inspire New Leaders

The mission of the California Ocean Alliance is to conduct world-class marine research which leads directly to sound policy decisions that safeguard the oceans and allow marine mammals to thrive into the next century. Our vision is for COA scientists to be directly integrated with those we strive to affect,  including students, community leaders, educators, and decision makers.


COA Ship-Strikes Initiative

COA is launching a multi-pronged ship-strike initiative to significantly increase research, monitoring, and conservation efforts around ship-strikes of whales outside established shipping lanes. Mortality from collisions is one of the main human causes of death for large whales, threatening population growth and recovery of California's blue, humpback, and fin whales.


2019 Ales for Whales was a huge success

Thanks to support from the local community. Follow the link here to see photos, videos, and learn more!