Our goal at the California Ocean Alliance is to inspire young scientists by providing unique research and educational experiences in Monterey Bay. Through a combination of field and classroom based experiences, we offer students the opportunity to engage with leaders in the field of marine mammal science to conduct high quality research and promote local conservation.  

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Marine mammal Scientist in training camp

Have you ever wanted to learn what it takes to become a marine mammal biologist? Taught by leaders in the field, this one-week intensive field course introduces you to the skills that you need in order to become a successful researcher. To learn more, click here!


classroom education and outreach

The California Ocean Alliance brings marine mammal research and conservation to the classroom, and helps to inspire students to care about the environment.  COA's after-school programs provide lesson plans covering marine mammal natural history, emerging technology, and conservation. Our lessons involve interactive inquiry-based lessons that help motivate and support students for success in the advancement of their education and careers in marine science. For more information contact us. 


Experience-based education

As part of the mission of COA, we believe in education through experience, and we are thrilled to offer personalized marine mammal educational programs for families or small groups.  Join COA experts for unique, immersive opportunities to learn about the natural history of marine mammals and witness cutting edge research to help conserve and protect these magnificent animals.   For more information contact us.


Bringing Research to the Public

We bring research to the public through presentations and experiential learning and personalized educational programs. Each of our scientists is dedicated to sharing the results of their local research with others. Stay tuned for a list of up-coming events!